Who knows customer service best? Companies that only survive with great customer service offer lessons you just don't get from anywhere else. How do teams build great customer service into the very culture of a team? Here are 10 Powerful Lessons on Customer Service: Powerful Lesson 1: Focus the team on solving customer problems. The biggest mistake is to take a complaint or problem personally. Instead look at this from the customer's point of view starting by listing the problems mentioned. Restate the issue, and start solving issues one by one. Lesson 2: Empower you teams with several options they can offer. Remember that not all things or services cost your customer and your company the same. There is a reason that retail stores offer store-credit for returns. Store credit usually leads to more sales and costs a retailer less. Free shipping is frequently cheaper for a store to offer. Exchanges are frequently less expensive to a customer than a return for cash. Lesson 3: Foster an impression of "I've found the right person." Frequently customers will respond very positively once they think they've found the right person. Build credibility by quick action. A typical offer may be to call them back within 5 minutes with a piece of information, like a tracking number on a shipment. Of course--you must call back within 5 minutes to effectively build credibility.